How important are sound and well-maintained windscreens to your car?

Car owners tend to focus more on the motor of their vehicles, which is understandable. Cars wouldn’t run smoothly if their motors are not properly maintained, after all. However, you should still put just as much importance on the other parts of your car. For example, the motor alone is not enough to move the car. You also need the transmission, electrical, and other systems for that. On a similar note, windscreens also have a significant role in keeping you and everyone inside the car safe. So, in case you are needing repairs or replacements, it has to be done properly by windscreen fitting Birmingham professionals.

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The important role of windscreens

Here’s just a couple of reasons why you need to take care of your windscreen.

  • Your vehicle’s windscreen serves an important role in keeping the structural integrity of your car’s in case of a crash. Windscreens offer up to 30% of the integrity of a vehicle’s structure in the event of a head-on collision. Likewise, they also provide as much as 60% of the cabin’s reinforcement to help stop it from caving in on the passengers in case the car rolls over during an accident.
  • Most airbags installed in modern vehicles are deployed up toward the windscreen before they inflate toward the passenger. This helps lessen the force that hits the passenger.

A poorly fitted windscreen can result in an inconsistent bond between the glass and the glue, which seriously compromises the overall structure of your car. Given the extreme pressure and force applied on windscreens, it’s vital that it is properly installed by windscreen fitting Birmingham specialists. This way, you’re sure that it’s kept in optimal condition.

Chips and cracks

A stone chip of up to 40 millimetres in diameter can most likely be easily and quickly repaired by Windscreen repairs Cumbria experts. However, it will still depend on the location of the damage. A normal chip can be repaired by having a resin injected to fill the gap. The damage is still there, but at least, it is now safer as the windscreen’s integrity is restored.

However, chips located in the ‘A Zone’, won’t be as easy to repair. For starters, the chip has to be smaller – up to around 10 millimetres – for Birmingham windscreen repair specialists to successfully repair it. This is because a filled chip in this area can seriously distort or impair the driver’s vision. Check it out at

Keep in mind that a simple bump on the road can cause a chip to turn into a crack, which makes driving more dangerous. A cracked windscreen does not just impair your vision. It can also shatter anytime, which is very dangerous for both you and other motorists.

So, if your windscreen is chipped, have it repaired as soon as possible. If it can no longer be fixed, you will have to have it replaced by windscreen fitting Birmingham experts immediately.

Concluding thoughts

Windscreens are more than just your window to the outside world while driving. They also help keep you safe, as they have an integral role in the safety and structure of the car. To get the best windscreen fitting Birmingham has to offer, you need to hire an experienced and reputable windscreen repair and replacement company, like Allscreens Nationwide.